Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules

So you might wonder, what's a grown woman doing reading the captioned subject matter? Well, I bought the book for my son.


I so want him to be a reader, but he prefers to read books below his age level and this in a child of above average intelligence. Anyway, we sort of compromised on this one and I wasn't surprised when he got through it in less than a day. I took a gander at it and found it laugh-out-loud funny in parts.

Storyline: Greg Heffley is under his brother's thumb because of a secret he knows about from the summer holidays. Greg suffers through various trials instigated by his brother until his secret is revealed, but not with the consequences Greg foresaw.

Players: There is Greg, his older brother Rodrick, younger sibling Manny, Mom and Dad, plus a friend -  Rowley, whom Greg detests most of the time. As assortment of other characters also take the stage, including Rodrick's friends, and Greg's classmates.

I liked: Greg's voice, which was forthright and funny as only a boy his age can be.  I laughed out loud at him 'stressing' over scads of counterfeit 'Mom bucks' he had hidden under his mattress, as well as his reasons why he didn't want to be in contact with his pen pal Mamadou.  Both Greg and his brother have quite a unique approach to doing 'research' for their homework.  I had more than a few laughs at their attempts to pass of last minute clap-trap as science projects.

I could have lived without: Greg's attitude toward Rowley, who's supposed to be his best friend. Greg seemed to dislike Rowley and only tolerated him when it suited him. To balance that, Rowley is no angel. He can and does get annoying as the book progresses. 

Overall comments: The School Library Journal commented that the book is 'An excellent choice for reluctant readers.' and I have to agree with that assessment. The format of a ruled diary with line drawings makes Diary of A Wimpy Kid an easy read. No matter how much you hate reading, the layout sucks you in and Greg's adventures carry you right along until the end, which gives a sense of 'all's well that ends well'. And yes, I'd read another book or two in the series if  and when I get my hands on them.



  1. I guess there's a reason that this has been a best seller. I think a lot of adults are buying for themselves.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  2. I definitely agree with that!
    I need to do a link for the A-Z on my main blog.

  3. I've read 'Wimpy' and think your review is spot on!

    And thanks for stopping by. It seems to be world-wide, politicians forgetting their manners!

  4. Great review! Thank you for coming by my blog! :)

  5. Kittie and Talli, nice to meet you both.

  6. Always great to see books that are encouraging the reluctant reader. Following you back, thanks for swinging by my blog. This is a great site and I'll be back for more!!
    The Survival Mama

  7. My son loves these books. Sadly, they are about the only books he has loved. I was a HUGE reader, and it kills me that he isn't!

  8. Nicole, thanks for stopping by.
    They sure are a hit with kids because of the format. My son reads only as and when he pleases, which is disappointing as well.

  9. there's nothing wrong with reading kids books, it's research LOL! Sounds like a great read. Try Cosmic by Frank Cotterill Boyce :O)

  10. Madeleine,

    Yeah, I agree. It's research indeed! Thanks for that recommended read. I'll look out for it.

  11. We just got this book, but haven't read it yet. I'm looking forward to it, but my "To Read" pile just keeps getting higher and higher! ;-)

  12. It's a very easy read and it's funny, so those were pluses for me.

  13. I know a lot of people who's kids don't like to read, but love these books. I haven't read any, but I'll have to check them out.


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