Review Policy

If you're looking for a book-review, please note I accept books based on my personal reading preferences. 

I'm by no means a professional reviewer, but my reviews are fair and based, of course, on my personal opinion.  While I don't promise a glowing rating if your book isn't up my alley, I also won't berate or belittle your work. 

Review time will vary based on the number of books I have to read. Three or four weeks is usually a safe bet.  Sometimes things do get out of hand and it takes me much longer.

Drop me an email at jmwordsmith at gmail dot com if you have something you'd like me to review.

Needed Work – Means just that. If I give this as a rating, I’ll say exactly what I think is wrong with the novel.

Just Shy of Awesome – The writing was okay, but didn’t hold my attention all the way through or make me want to neglect important stuff to read on.

Truly Awesome – Writing is good. Storyline is also good.  Storytelling skills are wonderful.

Mind-Blowingly Awesome – Same as above, but I couldn’t put the book down and I risked neglecting important stuff to finish the story.

Out-of-this-World Awesome – Time passed without me knowing. This story is so good, I’d read it again, even if it means falling behind on my deadlines a second time around.  

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