Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Powerful Story of Change & Healing

Having read Mirrored Hearts, I was very interested in seeing how Chandler's story would unfold. He comes across as a complex character and reading his story was like peeling back the layers on an onion and seeing what situations made him the man he became. He's a classic case of someone who has it all together, but is hiding a major case of insecurity.  I enjoyed seeing his gradual conversion and the writer did an excellent job of conveying that the struggle between our flesh and mind is real.

The characters are engaging and I liked most of them, even when Chandler was pulling back and playing the fool. And there was Kayla – a case of cuteness overload! The attraction between Chandler and Sab was well done and realistic. I admire them for their wonderful rapport and for praying together.

The writer's inclusion of the charisms as displayed in this story is a reminder that God gives gifts and when He speaks, can be taken at His word. Love the pastor and his powerful prayers and the fact that he also sees something in Chandler that he doesn't see in himself.

One particular prayer was said over Chandler that brought tears to my eyes. I think A Place For My Heart will help people who have been in similar situations to understand what is at work on a spiritual level in their lives, and that things are not always what they seem at first glance. I am hoping readers will allow the book to touch them, because there is some serious anointing in the prayers.

Overall, this is a great book. A wonderful testament that people can and do change when God enters their lives.

I bought A Place For My Heart on Amazon. 

Cover: Cute. I guess the display is all about one bruised heart and the other that's in support and helps with healing. The clouds, for me, are a reminder of the heavens. 
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Friday, April 21, 2017

A Refreshing Tale of Conversion, Loss & Restoration

His Last Hope is a refreshing story about conversion, loss, and restoration. Both Daniel and Hope are thrown together after Hope's accident, in which she loses her memory. They tiptoe around each other and their attraction until they can no longer avoid what is obvious to everybody around them.

A time or two I wanted to slap Daniel for being underhanded and stubborn. Aunt Ruby, Jasmine, and Ryan provide a wonderful foil for Daniel and Hope. Jasmine's story is poignant and will touch the hearts of women who have experienced the same kind of loss. Her testimony, which flows from her pain, is powerful and well executed by the writer.

The story went at a sedate pace and then picked up in the middle. It continued at a great pace which kept me tied to my Kindle until the end. I have since downloaded a copy of His Last Resort and like those characters already. 

I purchased a copy of His Last Hope on Amazon. Love the play on Hope's name in the title.

Cover: Nice representation of the story. 
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Every Christian Entrepreneur Should Get This Book!

If you’re a believer or a Christian entrepreneur, Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion is a book you should invest in. It is divided into fifteen topics that are important, both in our walk of faith and to our businesses.

Ms. Lockley discusses each segment in a frank way, which leaves the reader in no doubt as to what time it is. The truths she shares are things we know, but may not want to hear as we scramble to achieve our individual idea of success. One home truth, and my favourite nugget from this book, summarizes the entire text: ‘To pursue your passion in a Godly fashion means putting God first and everything else in its proper order.’ Easy to say, but hard to do without proper guidance. This handbook-cum-devotional provides the guidance you'll need.

The prayer at the end of each chapter is a wonderful way to absorb and make the reading personal. The anointing on the writer is evident in this gem of a book. I bought a copy of Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion in January and have read it several times over. The price may be a little more than most of us are used to paying for an e-book, but I believe it is worth every penny.

Ms. Lockley—with the Lord’s help—has created something that readers will use over and over on their journey. Do yourself a favour and buy this book. The insight and wisdom you stand to gain by putting the things you’ll learn into practice will be of far more value to you than the money you spend.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Must-Have Resource For Writers

TheLiterary Entrepreneur's Toolkit–Building and Managing an Online Presence forAuthors is my latest discovery and another resource I'll be consulting regularly. I picked up the book because I'd come across the writer's online business a time or two in the past, so I figured she'd know her stuff.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to build and maintain an online presence. It covers important subjects such as branding, finding readers, and building a community, plus it explains the various social networks, how they differ, tips for using each platform and how writers can use them to their advantage. There are links to 'follow worthy' individuals/influencers for each network, also links to resources such as web hosting, trailer making, audio platforms, file storage, video editing and a host of other cool tools. At the end of the book, there's a reading list.

I've been using The Literary Entrepreneur's Toolkit as a kind of refresher course on must-dos and don'ts, and gathering ideas for my own marketing and promotion. Did I mention how much I've learned about the various networks, even the ones I'm on, but have been neglecting like LinkedIn and Google+? I'm glad I purchased this book and would recommend it for every writer who is struggling with establishing their presence online. 

Source: I purchased the book on Amazon.
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Building Online Relationships ... An Excellent Resource

When Building Online Relationships One Reader At A Time came out, I added it to the other marketing and promo books on my Kindle. With a range of novels that needed to be promoted, I was floundering and unsure what to do about getting them in front of readers. Ms. Hoffman's book changed that when I got around to opening it. The title of the book says exactly what it's all about, with tips and examples to steer readers in the right direction.

It covers things many of us don't put into practice and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks that are achievable. Setting goals, attracting readings and proper scheduling are problem areas for me. After going through the book several times, it is now easier to wrap my head around why it is critical to create a plan and execute it a little at a time.

I wouldn't say I no longer feel overwhelmed by the thought of promoting my books, but it's certainly more manageable with this great resource I can reach for time after time.

If you're a writer who needs to know where to find your readers and/or how to build relationships with them, plus schedule your promotion wisely, buy yourself a copy of this book. It's an investment you won't regret.

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Gerrod & Swan ... Great Chemistry in Ruined

I bought Ruined based on the blurb and didn't regret this purchase. Gerrod Stone is quite the ladies man and wants to make a change, but along comes Swan, who throws a spanner in the works.

Ruined is an easy read that has some funny moments. Despite Gerrod's 'doggishness', I found him likable and Swan is a go-getter who reaches for exactly what she wants. They have great chemistry and I wouldn't mind seeing this couple again in the future.

Cover Note: Definitely like the cover. Something of him and something that represents her.
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Enticed by Chanta Rand

At first, I wasn't absorbed by the story, but when I tried it the second time around I hit my stride and enjoyed it.

Lucas has a larger-than-life ego and Nyla is determined to cut him down to size. Loved the verbal banter between these two and Nyla had some witty lines that made their conversations lively.

Although the story isn't very long, the writer does a good job of showing why the characters are the people they've become. 

Will definitely read other books by this writer.

Cover Note: Nice representation of the story line.

Source: I purchased Enticed on Amazon.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Realest Christmas Ever

I read this story in a couple of sittings and for a novella, it covered a whole lot of ground. Kyra's issues can be summed up in one word—family. Hers consists of a colourful cast of characters that come to life on the page when the reader meets them at the hospital where Kyra's sister is in critical condition.

Love, love, love the way her husband, Donovan supports Kyra as she comes face-to-face with her demons from the past. He's the ultimate good guy, who could have come across as sappy, but didn't.

What I found refreshing about this novella is that it introduced me to ordinary working-class people going through real struggles. And there were some who we all have in our families and choose to avoid.

I enjoyed The Realest Christmas Ever and have The Realest Ever in the queue to be read.

Source: Purchased on Amazon.
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Inevitable Conclusions - Review

Inevitable Conclusions was an interesting read for me because of the story concept, in that 'friends with benefits' is an alien concept in my culture. However, as the story progressed I understood how Tariq and Kora were a source of constant strength in each other's lives, kinda like a male and female Rock of Gibraltar scenario.

Their getting together was indeed an inevitable conclusion and their histories so intertwined that they were extensions of each other. Great storyline, well-drawn characters and a fair amount of heated moments.

I love me some Nubia—a compelling character whose story I look forward to reading.

Cover Note: Lovely story representation, as always

Source: Amazon
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Amore: Damaged Beauty Review

This book is a poignant and yet entertaining object lesson in how not to raise children. The title of the book is fitting and hits at the heart of the storyline. While the story is short, it covers a host of realistic themes that are not openly spoken about within families—including the effects of addiction and hopelessness.

The characters were realistically drawn and the way the story is told helps the reader figure out why the protagonists become the people they do. Like or hate them, Amore, Amelie, April and Nelson will have you amused, depressed and rooting for them to win their individual battles.

I'm on to the next read to see what becomes of the family.

Cover Note: Good representation of the damaged characters who make up this book.
Source: Amazon.

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