Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Second Chances

STORYLINE:  A year has passed since Sabrina and Renaldo met in The Ultimate Merger and married each other. One night Sabrina goes out and the unthinkable happens, but like the old saying goes—things aren’t always what they seem. Renaldo cuts Sabrina out of his life, but needs her help to cement a business deal, and Sabrina uses this chance to prove her love to her hubby and try to get back in his good books.

Sabrina da Silva is a workaholic, who is devoted to her spouse and has helped him expand his business since their marriage.

Renaldo da Silva is hot, passionate and stubbornly refuses to believe that there may be extenuating circumstances surrounding Sabrina’s gaffe.

I LIKED: The passion that’s evident when Sabrina and Renaldo are together or think about each other.  The glimpse into Brazilian culture and lifestyle (particularly family values) is enlightening and enhances the storyline.

I COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT: the angst that the couple faces early in the book. Of course, they had a year of happiness, but I felt for both Sabrina and Renaldo as each of them dealt with the damage to their relationship. I do, however, understand and appreciate that this is how the romance is supposed to go.

COVER NOTE: The cover speaks to the genre/subject of the novel and lets readers know it is connected to the prequel The Ultimate Merger. The way the models are posed reflects some of the behind-closed-doors stuff that goes on between hero and heroine in Second Chances.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Second Chances was like meeting old friends. It’s a quick read that pulled me along for the ride and kept me interested. I wanted to see things work out for two ambitious people who clearly love each other. There is a twist at the end, which keeps things realistic—the plot line would have felt too perfect without someone in the story having feet of clay.

Having met in-laws Alexa and Leonardo, I’m interested in reading their story, which is the first book in the Hot Latin Men series.

If you’re a romance junkie, and like intense sex scenes, you’ll enjoy Second Chances.

SOURCE: I bought Second Chances from Amazon.


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