Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dognapped? Reviewed

STORYLINE:  Kitty Walker moves to a new town and immediately gets involved in dog showing. She comes in contact with a missing dog and follows a puzzling set of clues that lead to a trail of crime and revenge.

I LIKED: the feisty heroine of this book. Kitty feels like the genuine article, in that she has all the insecurities of a twelve year old. She’s new in town, resentful of being uprooted from her old digs and is the odd man out at school. Added to that, she has a pesky little brother who’s everybody’s favourite, a dog who won’t cooperate when he should and she can’t get anybody to take her crime-solving abilities seriously.

I COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT: the angst and resentment Kitty feels over friendlessness and her parents’ (sometime’s embarrassing) behaviour. (I hurt for her, you know?) However, this wasn’t painted with a heavy hand, but as part of what tweens go through in their development.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Dognapped? was an entertaining and educational read, with the added benefit of a crime solved at the end. I learned a bit about dog showing and the care of certain breeds. Clearly, the writer knows her stuff.

Kitty’s voice is lively and feisty, which makes her a strong character. Even the dogs have their own distinct personalities.

COVER NOTE: The cover reflects the theme of dognapping and so fits the story.

SOURCE: I downloaded Dognapped? from Amazon.


  1. Thanks for that review of "Dognapped?". I just downloaded it. Sounded interesting. Thanks for stopping by my blog and blitzing! It has been an awesome day!


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