Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Kings of Nothing - Quick & Entertaining

The Kings of Nothing provided a quick and entertaining read. Libete is the feisty and resourceful young heroine of the story and Jak is her sidekick. Within a few pages, both children captured my heart. Libete is a character I won't soon forget.

The story isn't very complex, but so much in captured in the telling. In its role as backdrop, Haiti comes to life. The writer does a great job of showing the reader the lay of the land and something of the history and culture of the people. At times, I felt I was right on the page with Libete & Jak.

Although the story is funny in parts, I also found the tidbits about the living conditions of the characters touching. Living in the Caribbean and in a developing country makes it easy for me to sympathize with the children and understand their lifestyle. Still, their situation doesn't deter them from their adventures. I wondered where the title would tie in with the story and got to that eventually.

I couldn't resist Libete and so I'm already knee-deep in Because We Are: A Novel of Haiti.


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