Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Anya's Wish...A Feisty Heroine & A Determined Man Collide

I'm happy to share news about the prequel to my upcoming novel, Chasing Anya... Anya is a feisty character who knows what she wants and is determined not to be sidetracked by thoughts of romance, until...

One man. One woman. One wish.

After five years in a dead-end relationship, the last thing Anya needs is a man to upset her ordered existence. A quiet Christmas season with family is all that’s on her agenda, until her job puts her in contact with Christophe Mondesir, who refuses to play by her rules.

Caught between an interfering ex, a secret that gives her anxious moments, and a man with the power to make her forget promises to herself, Anya faces more complications than she can handle.

If her ex would stay gone, she might take a chance on romance with the man determined to spin her world off its axis. But the obstacles in her way leave Anya stuck in a groove with work as the main diversion from her problems.

Only Christophe's resolve to win her love makes the difference between Anya staying in a rut and pursuing her dreams.

This getting-to-know you novelette is priced at $0.99. Click through to Amazon to pick up your copy!


  1. Sounds sexy. Her name, Anya, is a hot one too, and so is the cover.

    Much success with this one, JL.


  2. Wow - Anya sounds like a totally amazing woman! Take care


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