Friday, January 3, 2014

Book Review - Redeeming the Amazon by L.V. Lewis

STORYLINE:  It’s nine years after her double mastectomy, yet Karen Freeman has not had a romantic relationship with anyone. She decides to break her sexual drought by spending a weekend at the Beaudelaire Hotel, where she can enact all her fantasies.

Paul Beaudeliare, a Marine amputee and long-time friend and admirer, chooses Karen as his playmate for the weekend. Will he be able to convince her to take their encounter further than just a fun-filled interlude?

THE PLAYERS: Karen Freeman, an ex-model, looks as if she has it going on, but appearances are deceiving. Although self-sufficient and successful, Karen feels like less than a woman because of her physical limitations.

Paul Beaudeliare is considerate and determined. Having let Karen go years ago because of his sense of decency and honor, Paul doesn’t plan on losing her again.

I liked the concept for the story—people meeting in a place where they can lose their inhibitions and do what they like.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Redeeming the Amazon was an engaging read. Although the book has strong sexual content, the storyline is strong and there is an emotional connection between the main characters that is strengthened during their weekend encounter.

Paul’s resolve not to settle for anything less than a committed relationship made the story that much more interesting. I also liked their references to Greek mythology.

COVER NOTE: The model fits the image portrayed by the female lead and the cover complements the story.


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  3. I like that it uses the original meaning of Amazon. Sounds like an intriguing read!

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  5. I love reading books reviews, and this is very good. You know how to draw interest. I'll keep this book in mind, but since I bought 27 during the A to Z challenge, and two this morning, I'm going to wait a week. :-)


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