Monday, June 9, 2014

Naawe - A Fun Adventure with a Witty Cast of Animal Characters

STORYLINE:  Naawe, the young son of a chief, has no intention of doing all the things required of him to ensure succession. Instead, he communicates and plays with animals and does not care in the slightest that this makes him an outcast. Through the capture of his pet armadillo, Naawe is forced into an adventure that will see him trying to save several tribes of the Amazon. If he fails, their way of life will be changed forever and the tribes most likely destroyed.

PLAYERS: Young and carefree, Naawe isn’t interested in hunting or any of the activities that occupy the men of his tribe. He doesn’t think of himself as anything special, but his encounters force him be responsible and face challenges he would rather avoid. The cast of animal characters, who are both diverse and witty, makes this book stand out.

I LIKED: the sometimes funny interaction between Naawe and the animals, who each have distinct personalities. From Egon, the ‘dizzy bird, Bado, the tribe’s ill-tempered sacred bird to Titi, the sweet-natured squirrel monkey. It was a good device on the part of the writer to have the animals helping Naawe with a task he couldn’t do on his own.  While on his adventure, Naawe was forced to be resourceful, which helps in his growth.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Naawe is a middle-grade story with a difference. The adventure aspect made it a fun read. The interaction with supernatural beings was not spooky, but more along the lines of them being mischievous, playing tricks on humankind.

While some aspects of the story might seem mature for middle-grade readers, they work from the perspective of being part of the normal activities and lifestyle of South-American jungle dwellers.

COVER NOTE: The huge spider on the cover and Naawe’s determined expression works to capture the essence of the story.

SOURCE: Novel Publicity Tours provided a copy of Naawe for review.


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