Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Angels Club Review

Angels Club follows the adventures of Jacinda Gonzales and her band of friends as they go all out on a mission for good. The story covers a range of themes, including bullying, choices, decision making, friendship and honesty.

Jacinda is one of those kids who can't seem to make any friends, but a courageous intervention at school turns things around for her and suddenly she is at the centre of a group of like-minded girls who are determined do-gooders.

Horse therapy is another positive aspect of this story and readers will have a chance to see how Jacinda's project horse goes from meagre and unimpressive to a beautiful specimen, under her care.

I was impressed by Jacinda's ability to bring together a diverse cast of characters who made a wonderful difference in the lives they touched.

Readers will enjoy this story in which the characters range from sweet to snarky and experience growth as the story unfolds. I'll be looking out for the second book in the series. 


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