Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lost in St. Maarten: A Wonderful Break from Reality

STORY LINE: A woman goes on a cruise and ends up missing in St. Maarten. Did she run away or was she kidnapped?

PLAYERS: Valencia is an independent professional who lives on her own terms, giving explanations to no one.

Armand is the strong, silent type, who believes in living a simple life. He does his own thing and knows what he wants and what he wants is Valencia.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Lost in St. Maarten gave me a wonderful break from reality. Who wouldn't want to be swept away in an exotic location by a caring and nurturing hunk like Armand? These two fell in love really quickly and their mutual respect helped their story along.

I like the lessons the writer shared in this story—the importance of being our own person and not becoming an extension of someone else, the need to nurture our body, mind and spirit, and the importance of self-love. These lessons, Valencia's sister Veronica learned the hard way.

COVER NOTE: The image of the woman on the cover adds to the mystery of the book's subtitle.


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