Thursday, November 13, 2014

Book Review: Your Love is King

STORY LINE: Marli is a plus-sized African-American woman, who is going through the everyday motions, rather than living. After pulling up roots and moving to another city, she meets a Caucasian man, who breathes new life into her dull existence. Both have their challenges, but Marli must cross the hurdles of low self-esteem and unworthiness before she can accept the love of this super-confident man.

PLAYERS: Marli is a likeable and sensible character who struggles with low self esteem that leads her to make unwise choices.

Chris is a confident, smooth musician who is drawn to Marli and pursues her, despite her thoughts about what kind of man would make a suitable partner for her.

OVERALL COMMENTS: The two love birds are people who readers easily root for. Chris has issues that the reader wants resolved because he is such a nice guy, but things don’t always go the way we wish. Marli definitely needed a change of lifestyle to come to the point where she could see and believe that she deserved something better than her past situation.

It was painful to read how her family treated her and worse is the fact that she did nothing to defend herself, but then this passive approach is what works for some persons with self-esteem problems. I wanted to throttle Marli for accepting nasty comments and put-downs, but also could not help being happy that she found someone who valued and accepted her, without requiring her to jump through hoops.

COVER NOTE: I’m one of those who like to see people on the cover of romance novels, but the graphic works well for the theme of this story.


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