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Authors Around the World K!ndle F!re H0P

I’m thrilled to be hosting this Authors Around the World Kindle Fire Blog Hop along with Courtney Vail. This author exchange is a way to showcase writers and their books, not to mention the places in which they live and find inspiration.

We have lots of prizes so do, go, see. For 25 points and a chance at the Kindle Fire, list all the countries in which the authors are located. 'Course that means a little hopping, which is manageable based on the number of writers on the hop. 

My giveaway will be a $10.00 Amazon gift card, so feel free to fill in the Rafflecopter down below for that. 

I’m featuring Jordyn Meryl, who writes Romance and Women’s Fiction. Jordyn’s featuring three novellas.
Author: Jordyn Meryl

What title are you highlighting in this blog hop? Three stand alone novellas. When Dreams Change, The Trouble With Angels, Home Before Dark.

Dreams-Jessica’s husband walks out on her and the café they were to build together. Bucking it up she is determined to save her dream. In walks Alejandra, her new bartender, someone that believes in and is not afraid of her strong will.

Angels-Paige is not, I repeated not, going to fall in love with the boss’ son, Mark. But the angels assigned to her know her heart. The trouble with angels is they never give up.

Home- Kyle is a rock star trying to get past the suicide death of his wife. Taylor works on his lighting crew and falls in love with Kyle the man. She takes on the broken lives of him and his children.

What gave you the idea for the book?
Dreams-An ad that said bring home the bartender.
Angels-Just came to me.
Home-At a concert

Who are your main characters?
Dream-Jessica and Alejandra
Angels-Pagie and Mark, Sid and Carmy
Home-Kyle and Taylor

Who is your favorite character and why?
Dreams-Uncle Sal. He was a good man
Angels-Constance Payne. Love the name
Home-Shade. A loyal person

Share one quirky trait in one of your characters.
They all jog and I don’t.

What was your biggest challenge writing this book?
Dreams-Remembering what it felt to ride a motorcycle.  It’s been a while.
Angels-Never been to Mexico
Home-What a lighting tech does.

Spill a secret, mystery or hidden thing in your book:
All the women wear killer shoes.

Where do you live?
Midwest-Des Moines, Iowa

What's a cool, unknown spot?
The Riverwalk down by Mullet’s one of my favorite restaurants.

Tell us a little about an interesting landmark in your country.
Grand Canyon.  

What’s the most well known city in your country and why?
New York. Don’t know never been there.

What's a little known fact about where you live?
Not all of us live on farms. I’m a city girl.

Name two famous people who’ve been sighted in your corner of the world.
The Pope and The President.

What is the one thing tourists must do?
Go to the State Fair

What's your favorite thing to do? 
Cook, write and travel

What's your favorite restaurant and what type of food do they serve?
Baratta’s Italian

What are you giving away on your blog?
A signed book and a stiletto key chain.

Who is the author you are highlighting on your blog?

Where can readers connect with you?

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Don't forget to check out the other authors on the tour. Happy Hopping!


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