Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review - A Valentine Challenge - Kiru Taye

STORYLINE:  Two strong characters collide in A Valentine Challenge. Micheal has been burned in the love department, but accepts a challenge from his friends to make Kasie Bosa fall for him. This, in an attempt to get a particular kind of woman out of his system.

Kasie is all about her work, and having been let down by her beau, she’s not in the best frame of mind. She’s bothered by Michael, who doesn’t behave like the hired help he’s supposed to represent. Michael and Kasie must overcome their prejudices to meet on common ground.

Michael Ede: a businessman who makes his own rules and doesn’t take rudeness lightly. Micheal is also a gentleman and a sweetheart.

Kasie Bosa: a woman focused on getting the job done and keeping on the straight and narrow. Her class prejudice is born of fear brought on by familial expectations.

I LIKED: the sexual tension that zings between Micheal and Kasie. Kiru Taye excels at putting into words, sensual awareness between man and woman. I also enjoyed the flow of the story, which takes place in a compressed period of time. Also loved the descriptions of Micheal. Taye certainly created a delicious character in Michael Ede.

I COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT: Michael’s treatment of Kasie in one particular scene, but it certainly helped to throw Kasie off her high horse and back in the realm of reality.
OVERALL COMMENTS: At eighty-something pages, A Valentine Challenge makes for a short, but spicy read. I finished it in one sitting and enjoyed travelling to another hemisphere. I’d love to see more of the African setting and can’t wait to pick up the other two stories in this series. 

COVER NOTE: The silky fabric on the bottom half of the cover speaks to the title of the book and makes me think of chocolate. Mmmm. Fitting, I think. I’ll also confess that when I look at the male model’s arm, I think he has it down the front of the woman’s shirt. I need to get my mind out of the gutter, I think.

SOURCE: I downloaded A Valentine Challenge from Amazon.


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