Wednesday, February 27, 2013

1301 - The Marquis (The 13th Floor Series)

STORYLINE:  Marc, a powerful demon in retirement is being hunted by Vetis, a lesser demon with aspirations of greatness. If Vetis has his way, Marc will be back in residence in Hell, but Marc has other plans.

PLAYERS: Marc is a mature individual, intent on minding his own business. When trouble comes looking for him, he has no choice but to fight the enemy. If he does nothing, the city he’s adopted and the woman he loves will be destroyed.

Mae is the woman who catches Marc’s eyes. She’s kind, sweet and yet strong and determined; the kind of woman who stands behind her man, no matter what.

I LIKED: the story concept and the fact that the author doesn’t dance around what Marc is, the damning role he played in the past, or the issues that arise because of his former status. The author gives a fascinating glimpse of the other residents of the 13th floor, which for me, is also a source of interest as it seems to have its own personality.

I COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT: some of the descriptions of the demonic forces. Gruesome stuff, but all in aid of bringing the story to vivid life.  

 OVERALL COMMENTS: I’m not a rabid fan of paranormal stories, but I’ve read some good ones in the past few months. The premise for 1301– The Marquis sounded awesome, which is why I bought the book. The story didn’t disappoint, and kept me intrigued and entertained from start to finish. Though Marc can be considered a lost soul, there’s enough good in him to make the reader root for him and rejoice when things go his way. There’s also the subtle message that nobody is irredeemable.

I want to know more about the other residents of the 13th Floor, so I’ll definitely be picking up the other books in the series.  

COVER NOTE: The cover is kinda creepy, as it should be, considering the subject of the story, but the guy is just how I pictured Marc. A good-looking guy, with some age on him.

SOURCE: Purchased from Amazon.


  1. I love stories where the "bad guy" manages to redeem himself, and it sounds like this is one of those. As a whole, this sounds like a really interesting series.

    1. Marc thinks he can't be redeemed because of his past, but he does the right thing in this story. Yes, the series is certainly interesting based on the blurbs I've seen so far.


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