Sunday, February 10, 2013

Experience Neverlove by Angela Brown

STORYLINE:  Two young souls find themselves on the other side—one, helping lost souls make their way to the judgment seat and the other, stealing souls for the evil one. When their paths cross, they are drawn to each other, but how can their relationship survive if one is serving heaven and the other, hell?

Abigail Bishop: an abused spunky seventeen year old who gets a second chance at life and learns unique skills that help her combat the demons of hell.

Basil Hines: a wimpy young man seeking acceptance from his parents but is fighting an uphill battle. In an ironic twist, losing his life gives him the opportunity to stand on his feet and do what it takes to have what he desires most.

I LIKED: the fact that although both Abigail and Basil can be considered weak and beaten at the start of their story, they mature into courageous young people with a will to fight and survive.

The reader isn’t beaten over the head with the theme of right and wrong, but is aware of how the choices we make impact on our lives.

I COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT: the scary pictures Ms. Brown drew in her descriptions of hell and some of its occupants.  Gruesome at times, but effective.

COVER NOTE: I didn’t get a full picture of Abigail, other than the Goth get-up she uses as a shield for her pain. The cover, with its flames, broken heart and tearful young lady, tells what the story is about.
OVERALL COMMENTS: I don’t normally read in the paranormal genre, but the few books I’ve sampled so far have been good ones that encourage me to read more.

Abigail’s hardship is difficult to deal with and things do get worse before they get better. The pacing is good and the plot twists interesting. From the Shadow Jumpers notation, I know there are more books to come. I’ll definitely be looking out for those.

SOURCE: I downloaded Neverlove from Amazon.


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    1. Thanks for dropping in, Christine. The spammers have been giving me hell, so I had to put a brake on that. Just did a review of yours. Enjoyed it immensely.


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