Saturday, September 27, 2014

Unfinished Business by Christina C. Jones

STORY LINE: Gabi and Terrence are a little older and wiser in Unfinished Business. When their story opens, they are still a couple. Gabi gives up her career to be a parent, but is overwhelmed and soon resentful of Terrence, who is moving ahead professionally. The path of true love doesn't run smooth and the couple is assailed by an assortment of problems, including insecurity and jealous associates.

PLAYERS: Gabi has grown up and is now holding her own as a mother and a professional. She has moved ahead in her career and is respected by her peers. Her relationship with Terrance is admirable and a bit charged as they work together to raise their daughter.

Terrence is a good father, but his attitude toward his work and his inability to understand Gabi's needs results in their separation. Now that Gabi has come into her own, she's even more desirable to him.

OVERALL COMMENTS: The book provides an emotional read and I couldn't help wanting these two nice young people to get through their misunderstandings and experience happiness with each other. Theirs is a bit of a roller-coaster ride in terms of their professional struggles, but the author wraps things up in a convincing matter.

COVER NOTE: A slightly different cover that works well for this continuing story.


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