Saturday, September 27, 2014

Interesting Story ... likeable characters.

STORY LINE: Gabi and Terrence are young, upcoming professionals who are interested only in their career. Gabi's life is complicated by her domineering parents, who have other ideas about what she should be doing with her life. Terrence has his eye on advancing his position, so when he meets Gabi, a relationship is not on his mind or part of his priorities. He wants to keep things Strictly Professional.

PLAYERS: Sweet and good-natured, Gabi looks forward to proving that she can survive on her own and live on her own terms without the interference of her family.

Terrence also knows what he wants and is focused and determined. Despite his resistance, Gabi is more than he can handle and she becomes a wonderful distraction.

OVERALL COMMENTS: Strictly professional was a quick read about a likeable couple. The author does a good job of making these characters sympathetic. Although Gabi was a little wimpy for my taste, she bucks up her courage enough to keep her folks and a clueless ex at bay. I eagerly moved on to Unfinished Business, the second book in this series.

COVER NOTE: Nice cover that helped me visualize the characters.


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