Thursday, September 25, 2014

Unforgettable by Delaney Diamond

Ivy Johnson and Lucas Baylor meet nine years after their 'unforgettable' affair and one of them has a secret. When Ivy's secret is exposed, Lucas doesn't know how to handle the issues facing him. One thing is certain, he's not prepared to let Ivy go a second time.

PLAYERS: Lucas is a strong, dominant male, who wants what he wants when he wants it and what he wants is Ivy. He's determined to reconnect with her, despite being uncertain about what he needs from their relationship.

Ivy has seen a world of trouble and doesn’t want her world thrown into upheaval if, and when, Lucas decides to walk away as he did in the past.

OVERALL COMMENTS: I like Delaney Diamond's writing and this book, I enjoyed tremendously. At first Lucas struck me as brash and uncaring—and spouting nonsense, as I put it—until the writer scratched the surface. I found 'his●story' touching and the details or lack of details in his past brought tears to my eyes. His vulnerability in this area had me sold on him and cheering him on in his pursuit of Ivy.

His connection with Ivy is intense and the chemistry between them, off the charts.

I would have read the book in one sitting if I had the time, but finished in a few sessions. Ms. Diamond has done very well at mastering these mid-length love stories. Perfect (the next book in the Johnson Family series) was released today and I'll definitely be buying into Cyrus' story.

COVER NOTE: I'm not usually fond of covers where I don’t get a visual of the model's face, but the cover of Unforgettable was enough for me to create a picture of Lucas in my mind.


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