Saturday, September 27, 2014

Perfect by Delaney Diamond

After being obstructed from getting a divorce for three years running, Daniella confronts her estranged husband. Their negotiations carry some challenging conditions and it isn't long before she's back under the influence of a ruthless man who does everything to guarantee that he gets what he wants.

PLAYERS: Daniella is an independent soul, who decides to walk away from her overbearing spouse to preserve her sanity. She's strong-willed, but is weak to Cyrus who doesn't speak the language she'd like to hear.

Cyrus is a tycoon, who appears to be cold and calculating until you see things from his side of the fence. He's like a bull in a china shop once he decides what he wants, but this approach doesn't work with Daniella.

OVERALL COMMENTS: I finished Perfect in two sittings and it's just as good as the first in the series. The writer showed Daniella and Cyrus's strengths and vulnerabilities, which made them rounded characters and made me empathize with them and their situation.

I couldn't help but root for this star-crossed couple and was happy when they finally worked things out. I'm looking forward to the third book in the series.

COVER NOTE: The cover wasn't enough to give me a great visual of Cyrus, but it's a nice representation of the story.


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