Monday, December 22, 2014

Didn't Mean to Love You

Vivienne (Viv) is sweet and vulnerable and it is that vulnerability that causes her to get damaged in the love department time and again. 

Carter, her neighbour, is more reserved, but readily helps her to get through a bad situation. 

Their friendship slowly develops into a deeper relationship which neither of them planned for, and of course, Viv becomes a casualty again.

I enjoyed watching Viv and Carter ease their way from being friends to lovers. Both carry scars from past hurts that involve family and while Viv is more open with her feelings, Carter also has issues that are not immediately apparent. As the story unfolds, the reader comes to know two well-rounded characters that deserve healing and solace, which they eventually find with each other.

I like the humor laced throughout the story and the funny moments between Viv and Carter and Carter and his younger brother. 

I've enjoyed both books in this series so far, but I gotta say that Roman from A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is still my favorite male character.


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