Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Come Up ... Compelling, Poignant, and Satisfying.

So now that I've dried my eyes and reabsorbed this story a little bit, it's time to put down my thoughts. I first read The Come Up a month or so ago and then picked it up again last week to refresh my memory before writing the review. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was deep inside the story again, which surprised me because I can't remember when was the last time I re-read a book.

Anyhoo … Jamal – a man's man and a woman's dream-come-true. Although he wasn't about making a commitment and fought it somewhat, he had to be true to himself eventually. Like a man who's busy getting ahead, certain things take precedence, and making the right connections and having the 
perfect partner are among those.

Well, Ms. Mackayla turned all of that upside down. Young, but mature in her own right, she sticks to her principles and doesn't stand for foolishness. Not many women will display the kind of loyalty and strength she does in standing by her friend, Devin, despite knowing what she stands to lose careerwise.

In this novel, the writer uses 'the other woman' not in a catty role, but in a way that highlights Jamal's desirability as a partner. Plus she deftly paints a picture of the 'quiet desperation' that grips some of us when we feel we're getting to what we think is our expiration date. The author did this with style and grace, making me sympathetic although of course, I didn't want Madison mucking up the romance between Jamal and Makayla.

For me, these two lead characters made the book enjoyable reading. I also like Ms. Forrester's writing style, which has a literary feel, and have no doubt I'll be backtracking to the books that came before The Come Up. If I was asked to confine my thoughts on this story to three words, I'd chose compelling, poignant, and satisfying.


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