Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Realest Christmas Ever

I read this story in a couple of sittings and for a novella, it covered a whole lot of ground. Kyra's issues can be summed up in one word—family. Hers consists of a colourful cast of characters that come to life on the page when the reader meets them at the hospital where Kyra's sister is in critical condition.

Love, love, love the way her husband, Donovan supports Kyra as she comes face-to-face with her demons from the past. He's the ultimate good guy, who could have come across as sappy, but didn't.

What I found refreshing about this novella is that it introduced me to ordinary working-class people going through real struggles. And there were some who we all have in our families and choose to avoid.

I enjoyed The Realest Christmas Ever and have The Realest Ever in the queue to be read.

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