Monday, September 19, 2016

Building Online Relationships ... An Excellent Resource

When Building Online Relationships One Reader At A Time came out, I added it to the other marketing and promo books on my Kindle. With a range of novels that needed to be promoted, I was floundering and unsure what to do about getting them in front of readers. Ms. Hoffman's book changed that when I got around to opening it. The title of the book says exactly what it's all about, with tips and examples to steer readers in the right direction.

It covers things many of us don't put into practice and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks that are achievable. Setting goals, attracting readings and proper scheduling are problem areas for me. After going through the book several times, it is now easier to wrap my head around why it is critical to create a plan and execute it a little at a time.

I wouldn't say I no longer feel overwhelmed by the thought of promoting my books, but it's certainly more manageable with this great resource I can reach for time after time.

If you're a writer who needs to know where to find your readers and/or how to build relationships with them, plus schedule your promotion wisely, buy yourself a copy of this book. It's an investment you won't regret.


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