Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Painful But Uplifting Read

Going into 52 Likes, I figured it would be a painful read and in a way it was. Valerie is in high school and experiences one of the worst things a female can - rape and near murder. What's worse is that she's been struggling after being bullied over a bad decision she made during the previous school term. After her rape, she's plagued by forces beyond the grave that prompt her in a certain direction.

In a sense, Valerie is a victim but she's far from being a shrinking violet. She takes on her bullies and is proactive in seeking to identify the man who raped her.

Sharif has created a realistic teenager, who is isolated by bad choices but courageous in the face of violation. At several points in the book, I was in tears because of Valerie's suffering but this girl is a fighter and handles her business.

All told, the book took me several hours to read, but it will stay with me for a while. Good job, Ms. Sharif. 

Source: I purchased 52 Likes from Smashwords.


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