Friday, April 21, 2017

A Refreshing Tale of Conversion, Loss & Restoration

His Last Hope is a refreshing story about conversion, loss, and restoration. Both Daniel and Hope are thrown together after Hope's accident, in which she loses her memory. They tiptoe around each other and their attraction until they can no longer avoid what is obvious to everybody around them.

A time or two I wanted to slap Daniel for being underhanded and stubborn. Aunt Ruby, Jasmine, and Ryan provide a wonderful foil for Daniel and Hope. Jasmine's story is poignant and will touch the hearts of women who have experienced the same kind of loss. Her testimony, which flows from her pain, is powerful and well executed by the writer.

The story went at a sedate pace and then picked up in the middle. It continued at a great pace which kept me tied to my Kindle until the end. I have since downloaded a copy of His Last Resort and like those characters already. 

I purchased a copy of His Last Hope on Amazon. Love the play on Hope's name in the title.

Cover: Nice representation of the story. 


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