Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Every Christian Entrepreneur Should Get This Book!

If you’re a believer or a Christian entrepreneur, Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion is a book you should invest in. It is divided into fifteen topics that are important, both in our walk of faith and to our businesses.

Ms. Lockley discusses each segment in a frank way, which leaves the reader in no doubt as to what time it is. The truths she shares are things we know, but may not want to hear as we scramble to achieve our individual idea of success. One home truth, and my favourite nugget from this book, summarizes the entire text: ‘To pursue your passion in a Godly fashion means putting God first and everything else in its proper order.’ Easy to say, but hard to do without proper guidance. This handbook-cum-devotional provides the guidance you'll need.

The prayer at the end of each chapter is a wonderful way to absorb and make the reading personal. The anointing on the writer is evident in this gem of a book. I bought a copy of Pursuing Your Passion in a Godly Fashion in January and have read it several times over. The price may be a little more than most of us are used to paying for an e-book, but I believe it is worth every penny.

Ms. Lockley—with the Lord’s help—has created something that readers will use over and over on their journey. Do yourself a favour and buy this book. The insight and wisdom you stand to gain by putting the things you’ll learn into practice will be of far more value to you than the money you spend.


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